Building Self-Leadership Skills


Everyone can be a leader. But not everyone rises up to the occasion. Excellence and producing exceptional results rely not only on your ability to lead others. Self-leadership is an equally important skill, perhaps even more critical, if you want to become an effective leader. It is sometimes an overlooked trait that can contribute to how well you can engage people with diverse personalities to work together for a common goal. Here are some strategies that help in honing your ability to lead yourself to become a better version of you.

Set a clear direction

Clarify your vision and set a clear direction towards your goals. Keep yourself aligned with your goals by revisiting them once in a while. This is akin to communicating a compelling vision to a team – you are just doing it for yourself. The strength of your conviction and clearness of your aspirations can inspire you to keep moving forward to achieve them.

Seek constant improvement

Great leaders inspire action and unleash people’s potential. You can bring out the best in you at all times by following the principles of the most successful leaders you know. Seek constant improvement. Aspire to become a lifelong learner. Find opportunities for personal development. These are among the things that can help you grow in many ways in your personal and career life.

Be flexible

Adaptability and flexibility are essential to pursuing your goals. There are instances when you have to change your strategy to achieve the results you want. Sticking to the old ways that may not be effective to the situation at hand can derail you from your plans. The sooner you learn to adapt, the sooner you can get back on track to accomplish the things you need to do.

Build integrity

Be that person you can trust at all times. Your authenticity and trustworthiness can resonate to those around you. This makes it easier for people to trust you enough to follow you. To achieve this, your words and actions need to be aligned. And all these begin in your internal dialogue and how you choose to act on things that you say you will do.

Leadership may seem like a complex skill. It may seem like a daunting task given the need to inspire, engage, and sustain action among people you are leading. But taking on the task when you cannot lead yourself well can be a real challenge. It could impact the results you want to see and sometimes it may not even produce the outcomes you want. To become a good leader, you have to first build on the self-leadership skills that can be useful in leading others the best way you can.

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